Everything evolves. The Bowerbird, the architect of the animal world, evolved to design and decorate a structure for the sole purpose of attracting a mate. From thousands of small tweaks over the millennia, and an eye for detail, competition has bred an intricate, complex assembly, one could only believe was made by humans.


Likewise, from the moment we first developed language and writing, made clubs and spears, painted caves, banged on gourds, built fire and cooked, applied aloe to burns, and counted our hoards, humans have been incrementally perfecting our expertise. We look at the past, learn from each innovation in technology, technique, material, theory, and aesthetic, and continue to build on it. And not only does each field evolve, but within our individual pursuits, each of us evolves over our craft over our lifetimes, down to every project we endeavor to create. 


At Bowerbird we look to explore the idea that good design and creativity does not spring forth in a single moment of inspired genius, but rather from numerous iterations, failed attempts, erasures, hard work, collaboration, critique, and the lifelong development of technique and process. Considering the program and personality of our client, the culture, context, history, climate, and unique characteristics of place, we work to develop an intricate narrative, blending all of the parameters to produce an uncommon solution for each undertaking.